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Like Chris Argyris and Peter Senge before him, Gervase Bushe presents a fresh, distinct, and revealing window into the personal and interpersonal dynamics of leadership. His take on the four selves of leadership is built on the latest advances in theory and brought to life through interesting case examples. Clear Leadership stands above the usual fare by speaking to leaders who truly care about their craft. It offers them a disciplined agenda for bringing their whole selves to work and bringing the best out of their people and teams.


Philip Mirvis, PhD,
Center for Corporate Citizenship,
and author of To the Desert and Back and Beyond Good Company


At the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation in the State of Georgia your book has had a profound impact. We have distributed over 100 copies of this book to our leaders and managers. Elizabeth Kinne, our director, references it every time she meets with our leadership and it is becoming part of our culture and common language. We continue to strive towards the elimination of "interpersonal mush".


Alan Morris, Assistant Director,
Vocational Rehabilitation,
Georgia Department of Labor


"Clear Leadership had a very profound impact on how we operated as a company and kept us going where we could keep the fly wheel of performance turning faster and faster to the point where now - I won't say the organization runs itself - but there's a lot of power under the hood."

Eric Patel, CFO
Crystal Decisions Software Company
(now part of SAP)

Gervase Bushe is a wise teacher. First he takes us by the hand and patiently leads us deep into the mush that constitutes so much of the non-communication of organizational life; then, after we have recognized ourselves as the creators of that mush, he gives us the knowledge and practical tools we can use to break through the mush and create the clarity essential to effective leadership.


Barry Oshry, President
Power & Systems,
Author of Seeing Systems


The ongoing study and use of Clear Leadership has been instrumental in creating a shared leadership practice across our school district. As a result of the teachings of Gervase Bushe, we have a team of leaders from separate schools and programs who are now working in partnership as they align the work of adults across our district around improving student learning.

Jeff Ronnenberg Ed.D.
Spring Lake Park Schools
MInneapolis, MN

Clear Leadership is a thoughtful and thought provoking book explaining how to untangle the hidden mush and brush limiting your own, your team’s, and your organization’s effectiveness. It is a masterful integration of theory and practice with extensive examples and skill exercises. It is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to be more effective interacting with others at work and at home.


Robert J. Marshak
American University,
Author of Covert Processes at Work


Gervase Bushe has beautifully captured the interpersonal underworld and it's emotional dynamics, that often negatively affect behavior at work. But, more importantly, he lays out a clear path and the skills needed to reach interpersonal competence and real organizational learning.The skill sets are not just for leaders, but for everyone engaged in partnering with others to accomplish something; and in today's world, leading learning is just as important as leading performing..


David Jamieson
Pepperdine University
President, Jamieson Consulting Group


This is a timely and significant contribution to the field of knowledge management and leadership. Gervase Bushe offers lessons for handling the most pressing problem for knowledge based organisations - organisational mush. He goes beyond the question of what is taking place in troublesome partnerships and looks into the essential question of how to be a competent partner and collaborator. Brilliant and utterly useful. In Scandinavia , many of our most committed and skilful leaders within business, civil service and politics apply the theory and practice of Clear leadership..


Anders Risling PhD, Founder
Provins Fem Consulting Group


What this remarkable book does is make the humane and the practical practices of leadership - clear. I have returned to it for wisdom and practical guidance countless times and I have made it a gift and requirement with students and clients alike.


Steve Lawler, Adjunct Professor of Leadership,
Washington University in St Louis
and Officer of the Society for Business Ethics


In a time when everyone knows they need to "get different" in their interactions and in the workplace Gervase has given us a roadmap with plenty of examples. We know that collaboration is the key to success. The Clear Leadership Model gives us the new tools we need to lead people and teams..


Frederick A. Miller, CEO
The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group
Co-author, The Inclusion Breakthrough and Be BIG


As an organizational consultant I¹m always on the look out for practical models and tools to use with my clients. This is the best resource I've come across. Rich with practical wisdom and real life examples, Dr. Bushe provides us with a common sense approach for cutting through the mush and creating organizations where learning and high performance is more than just another slogan. This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn practical ways to start making a difference in their organizations NOW!.


Martin L. Kaplan, Ph.D.,
independent OD consultant, Albany, CA


Tired of the same old drivel on leadership? Read Bushe's Clear Leadership for a novel view. His fresh insights and numerous practical suggestions on how to apply his ideas will leave you impatient to go out and make things happen


Jerry I Porras
Stanford Business School
Co-author of Built to Last


Practically focused, clearly written and deeply thoughtful, Gervase Bushe provides the keys to authenticity and productivity in organizations.


Robert E. Quinn
University of Michigan
Author of Change the World and Becoming a Master Manager


I have just finished reading Clear Leadership cover to cover. The book changed how I view my maps and those of others! ... I experimented with differentiation and tracking at work this week and have already noticed dramatic positive changes in myself and those around me! It’s great to feel freed and empowered!


Will Szeto
Technology Services
Accenture Business Services for Utilities


A practical and insightful book on enabling leadership through enhancing intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies. I am particularly intrigued with the extension of appreciative inquiry philosophy to the management of our self-concept. This book is an important contribution to the development of learning conversations in our social and work lives.


David Hen Hock Wang, Commanding Officer,
Jurong Centre,
Singapore Police Force


Clear Leadership revolutionizes the way we think about leaders and leadership. It breaks out of the quick fix mold of reactionary leadership with a holistic description of the characteristics for organizing collective action successfully. We learn the skills of clear leaders as well as their attitudes and values. Here is the bible for everyone whose lives can be enhanced by the effective coordination of human resources, be it in the family, community or work place.


Hedley G. Dimock, Ph.D.
Centre for Human Resource Development
Author of Groups: Leadership and Group Development and
Intervention and Collaboration: Helping Organizations to Change.


Here at last, in Clear Leadership, is a science of communications expressed so well that individuals at all levels in a company can both understand and develop the skills they need. I have made parts of the book required reading for my staff; new employees get quizzed on the content. It even helps to re-read parts myself! This is a book with potential to redefine your corporate culture and to improve almost all aspects of your working life.


Sebastian Moffatt, President,
Sheltair Group Inc.


Rarely does one find a business model with as much impact on human behavior in the work of transforming relationships and organizations. This masterful and ingenious creation of Gervase Bushe has without reservation been our model of choice in dealing with executives and their aversion to having difficult and authentic conversations. Gervase blends a daunting array of disciplines into a highly useable, simple and effective multi-purpose model of breaking down interpersonal barriers to having clear and honest conversations. I am in awe with the feedback our company receives after introducing the “experience cube” to organizations and their leadership teams. Truth telling and sense making in your organization is a compelling reason to start using the principles of Clear Leadership.


Greg Nichvalodoff, President,
Inscape Consulting Group

"What I really like about the book are the number of concepts that are tools as well. It's is very, very practical. It can make a difference in my NEXT interaction. It takes some very fuzzy stuff and untangles it into distinct ideas that are very useful for anyone at any level in any organization. This book would have been useful 100 years ago and it will be useful 100 years from now. It's going to stay on my book shelf."
Dave Galloway
SVP Technical Support Business Objects


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