Table of Contents

Preface To The Revised Edition



Chapter 1 Where Interpersonal Mush Comes From and What It Does to Organizations

Chapter 2 Introduction to the Organizational Learning Conversation

Chapter 3 Understanding the Foundations of Clear Leadership: Self-Differentiation

Chapter 4 The Four Elements of Experience: The Experience Cube

Chapter 5 The Aware Self: Knowing Your Moment to Moment Experience

Chapter 6 The Descriptive Self: Reducing the Mush By Making Me Understandable to You

Chapter 7 The Curious Self: Uncovering Other People’s Experience

Chapter 8 The Appreciative Self: Creating Spirals of Positive Partnership

Chapter 9 The Learning Conversation in Depth

Conclusion: Learning to Sustain Collaborative Organizations

Appendix: Research on the Impact of Clear Leadership in Organizations


"Clear Leadership … is a masterful integration of theory and practice…"
Robert Marshak, Ph.D.
American University
and author, Covert Processes at Work
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