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performing & learning in real time

Performing and Learning in RealTime is a 2-3 day highly realistic, behavioural simulation that can be used for leadership development, team development, inter-group team building and to support organizational culture change. What makes RealTime stand out from other simulations is the complete plasticity of it. Staff members take on roles in the organization’s environment and respond to innovations and initiatives from organizational members in real time. There are no set answers to the challenges the organization faces, and every RealTime experience is different.

During RealTime participants engage in a business that has products, customers, suppliers, and an ever changing and unpredictable environment. They work in geographically separated departments that are interdependent and must work together to succeed. But they face constraints in resources, time, customer requirements and supplier capabilities. Every quarter the business is assessed on a balanced scorecard and the goal of the organization is to drive the score as high as possible. Between every quarter opportunities to reflect and inquire into personal, group and organizational effectiveness are facilitated.

RealTime was originally designed as a highly experiential, emotionally and cognitively demanding leadership development workshop to help managers better deal with change and uncertainty in very challenging situations. Consistent take-home benefits of this course according to participants are:

  • Deepening insight into beliefs, values, actions and results in the face of ambiguity.
  • Recognizing self limiting thinking and behaviors.
  • Understanding how people create their own experience and how that gets magnified in ambiguous situations.
  • Finding the stability necessary to be productive in a sea of change.
  • Understanding the power of balance and finding the appropriate mix of holding on and letting go
  • Understanding what is needed to successfully organize flexible, resilient teams and organizations.
  • Understanding what it takes to create an organization that can perform and learn
  • Becoming a more effective, empowered and empowering leader.

Since then we have discovered that RealTime can also be a powerful team-building experience and it is the best inter-group team building intervention we have ever seen, consistently leading to break-through results in positively transforming working relationships between groups. RealTime is jointly owned by Clear Learning and Furst Consulting. For more information please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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