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Gervase Bushe offers us a terrific perspective on leadership. There is great power in his idea that we construct the world and become effective when we get this, share this and get interested in the stories of others. This book makes leadership accessible to all, even the quiet, shy, avoid eye contact ones among us. It is also written with elegant simplicity. Buy it, read it, pass it around.

Peter Block,
Author of Flawless Consulting, The Empowered Manager and
Community: The Structure of Belonging


In Clear Leadership, Bushe provides the best insights yet into the dynamics that shape human relationships at work. Leaders should read this book to understand exactly what their role is in shaping interpersonal dynamics in their organizations and what they can do to create the productive climate that today's competitive environment demands.

Bill Pasmore, Senior Vice President and
Practice Leader, The Center for Creative Leadership


Applying the principles outlined in this book, has already made a difference in the way we communicate in our business. I usually start out saying “this will never work” only to see that after a few minutes of dialogue, a warm glow of co-operation and understanding is developing. People seem to be working and talking together better. Happier too, I think.

Colin L. Genge, President, Retrotec Inc.

"Like Chris Argyris and Peter Senge before him, Gervase Bushe presents a fresh, distinct, and revealing window into the personal and interpersonal dynamics of leadership."
Phil Mirvis, Ph.D.
Center for Corporate Citizenship, and author of To the Desert and Back and Beyond Good Company

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" Voted one of the 100 books that changed my life. Click link for list of all 100 books."


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